Everex Talks About Revisions To The Upcoming CloudBook

Everex Talks About Revisions To The Upcoming CloudBook

Everex Cloudbook (colors)

By Luke Anderson

Asus made waves when they launched their tiny (and cheap) Eee PC. Who could resist such a light and mobile laptop for as little as $299? Naturally with the response that was generated, other miniature mobiles would be announced. The first one to make it to the market will be the CloudBook from Everex, which is due to hit stores February 15. What’s interesting is that even with the release still a few days away, Everex is already talking about future revisions.

The $399 machine already has the potential to knock down the Eee PC as the reigning champ of the low-cost laptops with features like a 30GB hard drive, digital video out, high quality webcam and memory card reader. However, Everex is looking to really pull ahead with options like solid state drives, touch screens and a variety of colors sometime after launch. There is even talk about larger screens, all the way up to 22 inches.

The CloudBook will be hitting your local Walmart stores next Friday for just $399. I’m curious to see just how it stacks up against the Eee PC.

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