eStarling Digital Photo Frame Accepts Email, Hooks Up With Flickr

estarling photo frame

By David Ponce

Digital picture frames are a dime a dozen. Well, not really, they can get expensive, but the point is they’re usually all the same. The eStarling 2.0 Wi-Fi Photo Frame however adds a couple interesting elements: WiFi connectivity, its own email address and Flickr. So this means that in theory, once you’ve set the frame up, you can email pictures to it, and they’ll instantly display. It only accepts incoming email from addresses you specify, thus reducing your chances of displaying some random Goatse at a polite dinner party. You can even hook it up to a Flickr photo feed, and it’ll automatically update itself with pictures of whatever fetish you’re into.

Other specs are pretty standard, like the fact that it’s got a 7 inch LCD and accepts MMC/SD/MS/CF memory cards.

Of course, these 7 inches don’t come cheap at $250. But hey, this is about as interactive as digital photo frames are going to get these days.

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