Eskimo TowelClip Is A Giant Heating Paperclip For Your Bathroom


By David Ponce

Whether you’re a librarian or an office worker with an unhealthy obsession with paperclips, or an apartment dweller with odd tastes, there’s no denying that the Eskimo TowelClip Radiator from Eskimo Design breaks out of the mold as far as towel warmers are concerned. This paperclip-shaped piece of furniture is really a radiator that plugs into a 230V outlet, and uses 45W of power to warm or dry whatever you’ve hung on it. We imagine it can warm your bathroom as well. It measures 215mm by 850mm by 85mm.

We said unhealthy obsession because if you think that this is special enough to spend $680 on, then we think you need to have yourself checked.

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