Ergonomic Backpack Vacuum

Ergonomic Backpack Vacuum (Image courtesy Taylor Gifts)
By Andrew Liszewski

They say once you go backpack you never go back, and if you’ve had the pleasure of using the backpack paint roller system I wrote about a few minutes ago, you’ll probably wish you could strap all of your household appliances to your back. Sadly that’s still a pipedream for a lot of us, or maybe just me, except when it comes to vacuuming!

This “ergonomic” backpack vacuum can be carried around the house on your back, which is supposedly easier than rolling it from room to room… And before you get any ideas about roaming the neighborhood at night, serving as some sort of cleaning vigilante, you’ll want to be aware that this thing doesn’t use a rechargeable battery, but instead plugs into the wall via a retractable 26 foot power cord. $169.98 from Taylor Gifts.

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