Epson Megaplex MG-850HD Projector Is iDevice Ready

Epson Megaplex MG-850HD Projector (Images courtesy Epson)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s one thing to say your hardware is iOS compatible, but it’s another thing to actually make hooking them up easy to do. So while the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can technically be used with a lot of projectors as long as you have the right cabling, Epson has made it dead-easy by including a pop-out dock on their new Megaplex MG-850HD model. Using 3LCD technology it projects a 720P image with 2800 lumens of brightness, more than adequate for home or office use. It’s also got a pair of 10-watt speakers, with a mic input if you’re making a presentation to a large room. Plus all the video hookups you’ll need for modern gear and laptops including HDMI.

Projecting content from your iDevice is as easy as sticking it in the MG-850HD’s pop-out dock, where it will also charge while connected. But it’s just as easy for other devices as well. You can of course connect your laptop using a VGA hookup, but USB is supported as well. That is, as long as you’re sticking with slideshows and PowerPoint presentations. You can even skip the laptop and run a slide show off of a USB flash drive, since I’m assuming the projector can natively read and display PP files. All-in-all it looks like a pretty great solution for work or home use, and will be available sometime in September for a reasonable $799.

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