EPOS Digital Pen & USB Flash Drive Gets A Facelift

EPOS Digital Pen & USB Flash Drive Gets A Facelift

EPOS Digital Pen & USB Flash Drive (Images courtesy EPOS)
By Andrew Liszewski

After first writing about the EPOS Digital Pen & USB Flash Drive way back in April I’ve had a lot of people ask me when it was finally going to be released. (The company had originally hoped to have it on the market by the Summer.) Well unfortunately it’s still not available for sale, but thankfully the product has not been abandoned. In fact the company has spent the past year tweaking the software and hardware and I have to say the final version pictured above is a big improvement.

CrunchGear’s Peter Ha managed to get his hands on the final version of the EPOS and seems quite impressed. To refresh your memory the pen works in conjunction with the USB flash drive to track everything you write and convert it to editable text. To upload it to your PC all you have to do is plug in the flash drive. And unlike other digital pens it doesn’t require any kind of special paper or tablet to use. As Peter puts it, “you can even use your thigh to write on by switching out the ink cartridge for a stylus tip.”

The company has adjusted their release schedule to now include the “next few months” but they’re also planning a big announcement at CES in January. Hopefully it won’t be much longer until we can all get our hands on one.

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3 thoughts on “EPOS Digital Pen & USB Flash Drive Gets A Facelift”

  1. I’m looking forward to see how this works. I have difficultly in understanding how it creates the characters. I am familiar with the Anoto versions with the dot pattern printed on the paper – this one is very intriguing.

  2. investigating a little i found that some companies had the same idea, i think the iogear scribe or gpen100c uses the same tecnology, the only diference is that it has to be conected to the computer and it transfers the data directly, here another one:
    maybe the diference is an advantge for someone… not for me snif… i want an epos!!

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