Epoq Watch Phone Maybe For Real, For Sale

Epoq Watch Phone

By Evan Ackerman

We wrote about this watch phone back in December when it was rumored to be a TAG Heuer design. Now, it looks like it’s possibly being produced outside of the TAG Heuer brand, by Epoq, as the Epoq EGP-WP88. Now, I’d love to have a cellphone that I can use for the internet and crap, I really would. But since I don’t want to shell out 60 bucks a month for the data connectivity privilege, I’ve resigned myself to using my cellphone to (gasp) make phone calls. Oh, and to tell me what time it is. So something like this would be just about perfect, if it’s the real thing.

The only reason I’m being cautious about this release (supposed to be March 1), is that so far I’ve only seen renderings, and the watch promises an awful lot, even considering its $529.95 price. It’s quad band GSM, has 128mb of memory, supports stereo bluetooth, and can play MP4 video on its face (which is an OLED screen). The face is also a touchscreen which can recognize handwriting. Most impressive of all is that it uses the kinetic motion of your arm to recharge its lithium ion batts, for 120 minutes of talk time and 70 hours of standby. Hey, did I mention it’s water resistant to 50m?

March 1st is only about a week away, and I’ll believe this watch when I see it.

[ Epoq EGP-WP88 @ Gadgetcraver ] VIA [ Wrist Dreams ]

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