Epic Classic Paintings and Superheroes Mash-up

Classic Superhero PaintingsLittle Supergirl” by aards2

Thousands of artists flock to Worth1000 every day, where art-centric competitions are held every day with site credits given away as prizes. Over the years, a number of “Superhero ModRen” photo effects contests have been run on the site. “ModRen” is a wordplay of sorts that combines “modern” and “renaissance,” which describes the type of edited images that users are submitting for this category.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the contest essentially challenges community members to recreate classic Renaissance paintings while injecting a modern, superhero twist into it. You can find more of interesting entries from the contest after the break.

Classic Superhero Paintings1Gogh’s Self Portrait” by ToughMashinski

Classic Superhero Paintings2Baby Spider-Man” by silberto67

Classic Superhero Paintings3Joker’s Self Portrait” by smlxl

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