EnSol Could Turn Your Ordinary Windows Into Solar Panels

By Chris Scott Barr

Utilizing solar power to reduce the amount of money you’re spending on electricity is a great idea, at least in theory. However, costs associated with purchasing the equipment, installation and even finding the space for the panels can deter one from actually following through with such a plan. One company is hoping to change this by offering a metal nanopartical spray that would turn your windows into solar panels.

The spray would add a slight tint to your windows, which if you’re like me, is actually a bonus (at least for the bedroom window). You would even be able to coat the outer walls of your building to essentially turn the whole house into a giant solar panel. They are making progress on this design, and hope to have it on the market sometime in 2016.

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  1. Spraying thin film solar cell technology is a step ahead in replacing solar glass panels which absorb energy from the sun. If this technology really works as planned, it could help the industrial settings largely where the buildings are in need of solar panels.
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