Enlightenment Bookshelf Lamp

Enlightenment Lamp (Images courtesy Light Up Your World)
By Andrew Liszewski

There have been plenty of books written about ‘The Enlightenment’ over the years, but it takes a truly gifted mind to realize the word ‘enlightenment’ includes the word ‘light.’ And it takes a whole other level of genius to turn that realization into a clever pun-inspired lamp.

The appropriately-named Enlightenment lamp is made of white plexiglass, is 24cm x 17cm x 8cm and includes a 9-watt energy-saving lamp to illuminate it from the inside. For maximum enlightenment you’ll want to stick it on a shelf full of other hardcover tomes, or you can also go the less-classy route, and just use it as a bathroom nightlight.

The Enlightenment lamp will set you back about $130, but %10 of that cost actually goes to educational charities.

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