Energizer iSurge Travel Charging Station

Energizer iSurge Travel Charging Station

Energizer iSurge Travel Charging Station (Image courtesy Energizer)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ll dock them a few points for the wholly unoriginal ‘iSurge’ name, but otherwise Energizer’s new travel charging station looks like an absolute must-have when you’re on the road. Particularly if you’re loaded down with Apple gear. Despite the company’s dubious ethics, in the past we’ve raved about Monster’s compact power bars for traveling, but Energizer may have one-upped them here.

In addition to turning a single outlet into three surge protected ones, the iSurge also sports a couple of 2.1 amp USB ports, allowing them to be used to charge devices like the iPad. On top you’ll even find a 30-pin dock for perching and charging your iPhone or iPod Touch. But if that’s not enough, the whole unit swivels 180 degrees so it can be used anywhere there’s a free outlet, and on the underside is an LED nightlight great for road warriors who get disoriented in strange places at night. Available in October for $60 it certainly isn’t cheap, but neither is having to buy a powerbar every time you travel and forget to bring one.

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