Eneplug Lets You Recharge Your USB Gadgets With Ease

By Luke Anderson

How many gadgets would you say you owned that recharge via USB? I’ve got probably half a dozen just within arm’s reach of my desk. Granted, most have standard wall chargers as well, but when you’re on the road, you really don’t want to carry around all of those bulky cords. This simple device dubbed the Eneplug (does anyone else think that name sounds just a little dirty?) might make your load a little lighter when traveling.

The device looks like someone chopped off the end of a power cord and shoved in a female USB port. Actually, that’s basically what it is. Just plug this into your power outlet and plug in your USB device and it’ll start pumping it full of power. Too bad these are only available in Japan.

[ GreenHouse ] VIA [ Crave ]

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