Emoticon Keypad (Image courtesy Geek.com)

Emoticon Keypad (Updated)

Emoticon Keypad (Image courtesy Geek.com)
By Andrew Liszewski

Random gems from CES keep trickling in, like this prototype emoticon keypad snapped by Geek.com. Spotted at the Lavatelli booth, the keypad sports a 4×4 grid of bubble buttons that serve as shortcuts to various emoticons. For the truly emotional emailer the keypad should shave precious microseconds off the act of adding a happy or sad face to the end of a sentence, which could add up to at least a couple of extra minutes at the end of their life. It will be customizable too, whenever it hits the market, and as Geek.com points out, it’s a great way to use up an available USB port which we all have plenty of right?

Emoticon Keypad (Image courtesy Bajca) Update: It turns out the Emoticon Keypad is NOT just a prototype but is indeed a real product and is available for purchase from BAJCA’s online store.

The basic keypad pictured to the left is just $16 (€12) while more elaborate versions featuring buttons with different colors and faces, and a slick polished silver finish, will set you back a bit more at $40. (€29.90)

All of the keypads appear to be compatible with popular messaging apps like Skype or Messenger, and are even OS X friendly.

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