EMI 911 rCard

EMI 911 rCard (Image courtesy EMI)
By Andrew Liszewski

For anyone who requires special medical care in the event of an emergency carrying around this informative 911 rCard is probably as easy as it’s going to get.

The EMI 911 rCard is an interactive, easy to use, electronic device that stores and displays essential Emergency Medical Information at the touch of a button. The full-color, high-resolution screen vividly displays medical charts, photos and text to instantly provide lifesaving data to doctors, nurses and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

Now use of the card does require a $20 yearly subscription (after the first year) but that gives you access to the secure EMI website where the medical information on your card is permanently stored and updated. The rCard also syncs and charges via a USB cable but in the event you’re in an emergency when the card’s battery is dead a toll-free number on the back can be called by rescue personnel to access your key information.

As you can see in the upper right corner of the pic the 911 rCard is actually quite a bit thicker than a standard credit card but I guess I can cut it some slack given it could probably be used to save someone’s life. And I’m sure future versions will only get thinner.

The 911 rCard is available directly from EMI for $79.95 but discounts are available for larger orders.

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