Emergency Zombie Defense Station

Emergency Zombie Defense Station


By Chris Scott Barr

There is a reason why so many movies and video games involve zombies these days. It’s because someone out there is trying to warn and prepare us for the inevitable. The zombie apocalypse. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. That’s why we have to be prepared, just like the person who created this awesome Emergency Zombie Defense Station.

The shotgun is definitely an essential weapon for close-range defense, though the knife is a bit shorter than I’d care to have. I’d rather see a katana or a machete at least. I like that they make use of the glass as something of a riot shield. The best part has to be the professional-looking warning sign. Classic. It seems that this DIY project has been around for a little while, but it’s definitely inspired me to make one.



[ Craftster ] VIA [ GearFuse ]

8 thoughts on “Emergency Zombie Defense Station”

  1. DO WANT! I have so many zombie books and movies and just can't wait for the outbreak. I would think that a real gun would be more effective then the toy spray painted one he bought at the dollar store… lol

  2. Hey I thought it was a pretty cool idea, even if it is fake. Makes for a great party story or Halloween prop. I'm actually surprised a real one hasn't been spun off this same idea. The only real downside (aside form it being fake of course) is there's only enough shells to kill a few Zombies. It's not going to help in the mass outbreak when it comes though. Incidentally, thee photos are mine from (http://www.realitywired.com/be-prepared-with-th…) that got picked up on Reddit and were resized from Craftster

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