Emergency Ice Cube Machine Will Pump Out 12 Whole Ice Cubes In Just 10 Minutes!

Ice Cube Machine (Image courtesy Paramountzone)By Andrew Liszewski

How many times has your rockin’ party screeched to a halt when someone discovers you’re out of ice? Never get caught in that situation again with this countertop Ice Cube Machine. Just fill up the 2.3 liter water compartment, plug it in and 10-12 minutes later you’ll be enjoying your first batch of freshly made ice cubes.

The machine even offers you the option of 4 different ice cube sizes (small, medium, large and x-large) and over a 24 hour period it can produce almost 40 pounds of ice. Perfect for a room full of guests needing refreshment, or even a freezer full of bodies needing preservation.

It’s available from Paramountzone.com for about $280, but if you can think of a cheaper way to make ice I’d love to hear it.

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7 thoughts on “Emergency Ice Cube Machine Will Pump Out 12 Whole Ice Cubes In Just 10 Minutes!”

  1. Hm, I came here to ask if people actually buy this kind of things and my question has already been answered.

    Does any party actually fail for lack of ice? I must not be going to the right parties… Isn’t it easier to just stuff your freezer with as many ice bags you can to make sure?

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