Embrace-Me Hoodie Electrifies Your Hugs

Embrace-Me Hoodie

By Evan Ackerman

Is there anything better than a hug? No, no there isn’t. But that doesn’t mean that the hug itself can’t be improved. Embrace-Me hoodies, from Studio 5050, do just that by helping hugs conduct electricity. And not that electricity that you get when you hug your girl/boyfriend (you do get that, right?)… No, I mean real, useful electricity. The hoodies, made from canvas that’s been subjected to “a luxurious, cashmere-like 100% bamboo basket weave,” contain a pattern of conductive panels in their chests. When you squish your significant other against you, the panels connect and LEDs on the backs of the hoodies light up and you hear a soft heartbeat sound. It’s adorable, but probably not $480 – $600 worth of adorable, which is what a pair of Embrace-Me hoodies costs.

In other huggable shirt news, Hug Shirts are still not available. Arg.

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