ELP LT-2XNP (Image courtesy ELP)

ELP’s New Laser Turntable, The LT-2XNP, Due Next March

ELP LT-2XNP (Image courtesy ELP)
By Andrew Liszewski

We first brought you one of ELP’s fancy-schmancy laser based turntables way back in early 2006, and I guess as laser turntables go, there wasn’t much room for improvement since the company is only just releasing a new version next March. Now I wish I could tell you what exactly was new with their latest model, besides a champagne colored housing, but since I’ve never had the chance to play with one of the older models, I’ve no idea why current users would be inclined to upgrade.

But like they say, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it, so the new LT-2XNP still uses ELP’s 5 laser pickup system to ensure there’s no further wear and tear from playback on your precious vinyl. Two of the lasers target the left and right shoulders of the groove for tracking purposes, two more are used to actually read the stereo track at 10 microns below the shoulder and the final laser constantly measures the distance between the laser head and the surface of the record to account for any warps or distortions. And since the economy of scales hasn’t really kicked in, nor will it probably ever with this kind of product, when available the LT-2XNP will sell for $19,100, though older models have subsequently enjoyed a price drop.

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