Electronic Venus Fly Trap

Electronic Venus Fly Trap

Electronic Fly Catcher (Image courtesy Eurocosm UK)By Andrew Liszewski

The fly swatter is literally a hit and miss way to kill flies so it’s nice to see that someone has finally copied one of nature’s own techniques for effectively capturing and killing the pests. This electronic Fly Catcher functions in a very similar way to an actual Venus Fly Trap. It uses a non-toxic bait (which is refillable) to lure the flies into the mouth of the trap. As the fly walks down towards the bait it crosses two sensors which causes the jaws of the Fly Catcher to snap shut, killing the fly.

After the fly has been crushed to death, which the site claims is a ‘humane’ way to kill the pest the mouth re-opens with a clever burping sound ready to ‘humanely’ crush the next victim.

The electronic Fly Catcher is available from Eurocosm UK for about $40.

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