Electronic Tribble Wants Your Quadrotriticale

Electronic Tribble Wants Your Quadrotriticale

By Evan Ackerman

How do you tell a Klingon from a Vulcan? Pretty much the only reliable way is to hand them both a tribble. If it’s a Klingon, the tribble will freak out and the Klingon will try to kill it, as tribbles are sworn enemies of the Klingon empire. If it’s a Vulcan, the tribble will start to purr and the Vulcan will pretend not to care. So if you find yourself in situations where alien identification is important to you, you need to get yourself a tribble, and now you can. This 6″ furry replica prop tribble wiggles around while making sounds from the classic Star Trek episode, and you can toggle switch on the bottom to enable Klingon mode.

It’s $28 from You Buy Now Or The Little Guy Gets It (on pre-order, ships Feb 2k9), which is about $2372 cheaper than a real prop tribble would cost you.

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