Electronic Rock, Paper, Scissors – Mankind Takes A Step Back

Electronic Rock, Paper, Scissors Game (Image courtesy PrankPlace Novelties Inc.)By Andrew Liszewski

Is rock, paper, scissors really so difficult that we as a society need an electronic version of the game? Are there thousands of last slices of pizza going uneaten because people are too lazy to shape their hands into either a pair of scissors, a rock or a piece of paper? While I like to think mankind hasn’t reached that low it seems other people disagree and have invented this electronic version of the game.

Just push the button and the keychain sized device will display one of three pre-set patterns allowing you to determine who the winner is. (I guess that part still has to be done manually.) On the plus side though the electronic version does make for a truly random game removing any strategy or mind games between the two players.

PrankPlace currently sells the game in sets of two for $8.89 so neither of the players has to compete the old fashioned way. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for the upcoming electronic versions of Eye-Spy With My Little Eye, Thumb Wrestling and of course Hide and Seek.

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  1. I am really interested in the Electronic Rock, Paper, Scissors do you know how can i buy it? becoz i live in hk are there any ways through the internet?

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