Electrolux Iron Aid Steam Dryer

Electrolux Iron Aid (Images courtesy Electrolux)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you hate having to iron your clothes after doing the laundry you might want to upgrade your dryer to the new iron Aid from Electrolux. At the end of the regular drying cycle you can choose to add an extra 20 minute steam phase, which serves to actually de-wrinkle your clothes. The steam phase can also be used to refresh a dry-clean-only item, reducing your trips to the local cleaners. Of course I managed to find an even better way to get out of having to iron my clothes, by simply not ironing my clothes. That’s right, I’m lazy and disheveled.

From what I can tell the Iron Aid is actually designed for small European homes so it might not be ideal if you’re doing the laundry for a large family. And the $1,145 price tag isn’t cheap either.

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