Electroluminescent Butterfly Nightlights

Electroluminescent Butterfly Nightlight (Images courtesy Inhabitat)
By Andrew Liszewski

While I really like the look of these butterfly nightlights I’m afraid I already have enough charging-status LEDs and glowing panels in my apartment to keep me awake at night.

Designed by Soner Ozenc and John Wischhusen the ‘El Flutter’ collection as they’re known are simple plastic butterflies that use electroluminescent fabric to emit a soft diffused glow from the wings. When used as nightlights they provide a safe, low-energy light that can easily be stuck all over the walls or ceilings. The only downside I see is that it looks like they use an unsightly power cord instead of an internal battery.

[Electroluminescent Butterfly Nightlight] VIA [Inhabitat]

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