Electrobike Model Pi – Weird Name, Cool Ride

Electrobike Model Pi Kit (Image courtesy Design Within Reach)
By Andrew Liszewski

While it looks more like an overstyled bicycle, the thick frame on the Marcus Levison-Hays’ Electrobike Pi hides a set of rechargeable NiMH batteries and motor that allow the bike to be self-propelled. Charging the bike takes about 2.5 to 3 hours from a standard household outlet and on a full charge it can hit a top speed of 20 mph with a range of about 25 to 30 miles.

The Pi is referred to as a “human-electric hybrid” since it can be switched between three different modes using a throttle control on the handlebars. The rider can choose between pedal power, an electric/pedal mode or a fully motorized mode when they’re really feeling lazy. The bike also includes two saddle bags, two different sized seats with adjustable placement and a voucher for a new helmet.

As long as you’re willing to brave the elements every day, it’s not a bad alternative to using a car for commuting to work. But with an $8,000 price tag from Design Within Reach, you might also want to invest in a really nice bike lock.

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