Elecom’s O Sakana Fish Mouse

elecom fish mouse
By Bruce Eaton

Summer is chugging along and so are all of the summer editions of things:, summer beer brews, summer movies, and now from Elecom, summer USB mice. The O Sakana POI is a USB mouse that takes a design over function stance: thus it is fun-shaped as a fish. It comes with the matching USB cord manager so this is a nice and useful travel mouse, no longer having to look like a fool when your powercord and your mouse cord tangle up.

Not much here other than the usual Elecom niceties such as USB 2.0. No price at the moment. In case you didn’t notice/know some basic Japanese, Sakana means Fish. So there you go, The More You Know!

[O Sakana POI USB Mouse] VIA [Akihabara News]