Elecom USB Laptop Cooler

By Bruce Eaton

Preparing you for the hot summer and also all those fancy new Macbooks that can cook an egg, Elecom has released a USB Laptop Cooler called the SX-CL02MSV or USBLC [guess which name I made up]. Using two fans, this baby pumps air directly under your laptop, helping to remove a lot of that heat that builds up under there. The fans have two settings, High Mode drawing 2.0W and Low Mode drawing 1.2W, so your computer won’t feel the drain at all through that USB port.

Coming in two colors and even two sizes, 230x114x29mm or 300x230x29mm, there is no reason you will have to have a laptop that charbroils your tabletop. The smaller one coins in at $36 and the larger at $50 pretax. Now if only they could make a USB attachment for cooling my undercarriage.

[USBLC] VIA [AkihabaraNews]