Elecom Releases A Bunch Of New Card Readers

Magnet Backed Card Reader (Image courtesy Elecom)
By Andrew Liszewski

This morning Elecom released a whole slew of new card readers, and while most of them just seem to feature a new color or slightly more compact design, this particular model, the MR-C20, stands out thanks to its magnetic backing that lets you stick it to a filing cabinet or PC tower instead of having it cluttering up your desk. It’s also available in trendy colors like black, white, fluorescent green and hot pink, but like most readers these days it eschews support for compact flash in order to stay compact.

[ PR – Elecom’s New Card Readers ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]

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    Actually I'm glad I could help trigger an idea to bring the comments up with my whiny rants and selfish…selfishness. Now if I could just get people to come to my website. Wait, I don't have one. It's all just passing me by.

  2. I do need a card reader, but I'm not to sure if that's the one for me. I'll keep it in mind. I kind of like the thumb drive ones that you can carry in your camera bag.

  3. I think that having this standalone card readers is a good thing. So what if most computers come with them, and so what if most cameras will directly interface with the software that they come with, it's a niche where people are still looking to purchase and where people are still making money. So keep at it memory guru's!

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