Elecom Magnetic USB Hub

By Bruce Eaton

According to Akihabara News, this thing is useless, but I think it
s a good idea. The Magnetic USB hub by Elecom is a four port, USB 2.0 hub running at 480Mbps in high speed mode. The big feature is that the body of the hub itself is magnetic. You have the ability to mount and stick this thing to any metal surface. You can hide it under a desk or the side of a computer case and not worry about knocking it off. [Sorry aluminum-case people, won’t work for you.]

Price set at $28. It is available in silver (pictured above), black, and white. Just imagine how many people are going to erase something due to this thing sticking to say, a floppy, or a hdd.

[Magnetic USB Hub] VIA [AkihabaraNews]

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