Elecom CR-UK2 USB PC Lock

Elecom CR-UK2 USB PC Lock (Image courtesy AudioCubes.com)By Andrew Liszewski

If you work in a busy office and don’t really know all of your co-workers it’s probably a good idea to secure your PC whenever you’re away from it. (Even if it’s only for a few minutes, trust me.) Elecom claims their CR-UK2 USB PC lock is one of the safest ways to lock down your system while you’re away, and it’s extremely easy to use. As long as the key is connected to a USB port the computer is fully accessible. However once the key is removed the system becomes completely inoperable, it’s that simple.

Of course the downside is that once the key is registered to your computer you better not lose or let anything happen to it. While a password system may not be 100% foolproof it can at least be reset by a sysadmin if forgotten. But lose or damage this USB key and you’ve got yourself a spot of trouble.

The CR-UK2 PC Lock is available from AudioCubes.com for $49.

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