eINK Coming in Color!

eink_artists_conceptionBy Asim Waqar

eINK’s technology has been around, making flexible, low power displays for a while. Now eINK engineers have built a full-color electronic paper display that is suitable for mass production.

This paper achieves 12-bit color – 400×300 pixel – resolution of 83 pixels per inch. It creates an image that looks like a printed page from all angles and maintains the same contrast ratio under all lighting conditions, including direct sunlight. The display uses up to 100 times less energy than a standard liquid crystal display (LCD), resulting in reduced weight and greatly extend battery life for any product employing it.

No prices yet, but it’s scheduled for mass production at the end of 2006, and the display will be shown at the E Ink booth of the annual FPD International trade show in Japan.

Visit eink.com for more info on the technology and latest news.

A flexible Brooke Burke swimsuit calendar is on the horizon! Now we are really starting to make our lives more useful through innovation!

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