eFlyBook – eDoc Viewer For Pilots

eFlyBook (Image courtesy Arinc)By Andrew Liszewski

Slowly and steadily e-ink is making its way from a really cool tech demo to a really cool consumer-ready technology. The eFlyBook from Arinc is actually based on the iRex Iliad eReader but incorporates a whole library of electronic charts and flight documents provided by MyAirplane.com. These include the U.S. digitized terminal procedures, IFR high and low altitude enroute charts, U.S. airport facility directory, the FAR/AIM and a host of other documents that I would have no idea what to do with.

As a result the eFlyBook is obviously targeted at the flying community. In fact the device’s touchscreen even allows pilots to fill out forms and logs electronically so while we still don’t have the paperless office yet we’re definitely enroute to the paperless airplane. And since the eFlyBook is basically a re-branded Iliad it’s still capable of loading other documents including books and images.

The eFlyBook is currently available for $1499 which puts it well above the price point for Sony’s own eReader hardware but I assume that cost includes licensing for all of the included flight docs.

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