Edible iPhone Case

Edible iPhone Case is Silly and Useless, But It Sure Looks Yummy

Edible iPhone Case

I’ve seen my fair share of silly, weird, and kooky iPhone cases. And while the edible Survival Senbei iPhone 5 case doesn’t look too different from other food-themed cases in the market, it’s certainly going to feel and taste different because it’s probably the only case out there that you can actually eat.

This case seems more of a novelty to me, because it doesn’t function very well as an actual case for your iPhone. In fact, the maker of these cases says that there’s a 9% chance that it’ll arrive broken and a 100% chance that it’ll shatter upon impact if you happen to drop your phone.

It’s priced at 3,818 Yen (about $48), which is pretty pricey for a non-case like the Survival Senbei.

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