Edge Table from Third Eye Studios

I suck a describing things, you know. It takes such effort… So, I saw a great looking table, and Core77 did a great job telling me what it’s supposed to be. So here’s their take:

The Edge Table is a study of invisibility, utilizing a formulaic combination of materials, skewed proportions and interaction with the surrounding space. The concept is inspired by naval battleship camouflage tactics used during WWII. The transparent glass and distortion of space and mass provide the Edge Table with an irrefutable uncertainty of distance, depth and span, therefore achieving an illusive state of “invisibility.”

The dynamic smoke glass structure is bonded together with UV glue, a special adhesive that quickly cures under Ultra-Violet light.

Of course, as all these art things go, prices and them are mutually exclusive.

Nonetheless, the website can be found here. Story VIA Core77.