Eddie Bauer Electric Ice Scraper

Electric Ice Scraper (Image courtesy Amazon)By Andrew Liszewski

Even if there’s no snow on the ground the winter months can be a pain for anyone living in a climate where temperatures hit the freezing mark. While you might not have to spend half an hour shoveling away the white stuff in the morning odds are if your car isn’t stored in a heated garage you’ll still have to deal with a layer of frost before you can head to work.

Growing up I saw hundreds of different shapes and sizes of ice scrapers pass through my parents cars but I’ll admit this is the first heated version I’ve ever seen. The Eddie Bauer Electric Ice Scraper plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter and produces a ‘gentle heat’ to help cut through the frost. A 15-foot power cord ensures you should be able to reach every window on your vehicle too.

The EB Electric Ice Scraper is available on Amazon.com for $14.99.

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