EcoTensils Eco-Friendly Disposable Spoons (Images courtesy EcoTensils)

EcoTensils – Eco-Friendly Disposable Spoons

EcoTensils Eco-Friendly Disposable Spoons (Images courtesy EcoTensils)
By Andrew Liszewski

Sure they might be convenient, but did you know that white plastic disposable fork you got with your takeout that claims to be ‘biodegradable’ can still take 6+ months to decompose in a landfill? Granted it doesn’t make them any less convenient, but it does make these EcoTensils seem like a better alternative. At least for softer fast foods that are eaten with a spoon. The EcoSpoon, a larger version of the EcoTaster Mini demo’d in the photos above, is made from renewable paperboard with a waterproof finish like you’d find on a milk carton.

They start off life as a pre-cut, flat piece of paper (which are easier to ship and store than plastic spoons) but with a little folding and a couple of sticky spots, they easily become a usable spoon. And when they’re done being used they can be recycled or disposed of, since they’ll decompose in as little as 3 weeks. Interestingly enough, because they’re so flexible, they’re also a useful alternative for prisons since they make for poor shivs.

The EcoSpoons are available in cartons of 5,000 units for $199.95, while the smaller EcoTaster Minis, which are ideal for free samples, run $94.95 for the same quantity.

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