EcoSpeed App Can Save You Up To 30% In Fuel

By David Ponce

Here’s the thing about driving and consumption and pollution: a lot has to do with how you drive. It’s all that stopping and going, and how you step on the pedal; whether you smash it or tickle it. But it’s possible to change all that and the EcoSpeed application teaches you how. It does two things. First, it can give you a route to your destination that may not be the shortest distance, but that has the lowest likelihood of stops. It avoids traffic lights and traffic, and calculates things in such a way that even with the additional mileage, you end up spending less gas and don’t necessarily take much longer to get to where you’re going.

The second part addresses your habits. Since your phone has an accelerometer, it can tell how you’re driving and scream at you to ease up on the pedal mashing. With all this coaching, EcoSpeed claims you can shave up to 30% in your fuel consumption, and consequently on your polluting.

The app should be free and available in March for Android and iOS devices.

[ EcoSpeed Demo ] VIA [ Wired Gadgets ]