EcoSandals For Kenya

By Bruce Eaton

We here at OhGizmo are very fortunate to not just live good lives but also have the luxury of dealing in the hi-tech once in a while. The people over at EcoSandals felt it was time to give something to some people who are less fortunate, like the people of Korogocho, Kenya.

Created by volunteers, EcoSandals are made out of used car tire treads scavenged from Korogocho and nearby Nairobi, and local Kenyan denim and leathers. They are constructed by locals who wish to help out their community over there, a community plagued by war and violence. But they are finding a way to help themselves.

While not technologically advanced, using what you have to make a product to help the community and the earth at the same time deserves some mention. You can get a pair for only $29.

[EcoSandals] VIA [White African]

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  1. Korogocho is a low income informal dwelling area in Nairobi that could be referred to as a slum, However, it is not wartorn area neither is it prone to senseless violence as the article suggests. All in all it is a great idea

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