+ECO Clima Control Solar Powered Weather Station

+ECO Clima Control (Images courtesy Oregon Scientific)
By Andrew Liszewski

Oregon Scientific’s new +ECO Clima Control weather station will report the effects of global warming, without contributing to them. It’s the company’s first model to feature a solar panel that’s used to charge the device’s 600mAH rechargeable battery. So leaving it out in the sun for just 8 hours will soak up enough juice to keep it running for up to 3 months.

As for its weather reports, it uses a set of easy-to-understand icons like sunny, partly cloudy, rainy, snowy etc. to indicate the current conditions, and it can display the temperature and humidity for up to three different remote locations. (Possibly by wirelessly communicating with other units, or with remote sensors, I’m not entirely sure.) $119.99 from Oregon Scientific.

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