Easy To Thread Spiral Eye Needles

Spiral Eye Needle (Image courtesy Pam Turner)
By Andrew Liszewski

We’ve got robotic rovers crawling over the surface of Mars (at least we did) and put 12 men on the moon, but it took an inventive mom from Minnesota to come up with a sewing needle that’s dead-easy to thread. Pam Turner’s Spiral Eye Needles feature a simple yet clever design that makes getting a piece of thread through the eye seem like child’s play. (Note: if you buy one please don’t let your child play with it!)

They can be ordered in a variety of different sizes starting with a Size 4 Sharp Standard Needle up to a Size 26 Tapestry Needle for cross stitching, all for $5.50 a piece. Now I’ve never bought a needle in my life, so I don’t know if that’s expensive or not, but I’ve threaded enough needles to know they’re worth every penny.

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7 thoughts on “Easy To Thread Spiral Eye Needles”

  1. This is a very clever idea. I remember growing up, when my mom would make little twelve-year-old me thread needles for her because she didn't have a steady enough hand or a keen enough eye to do it herself. Really, I can't believe someone didn't come up with something like this sooner. It seems so simple. :o) But, then again, all of the greatest inventions seem to be that way, right? I mean, look at the Snuggie!

  2. One of those things that boggles the mind. People have been struggling for hundreds of years to thread a needle and all we ever needed was this thing.

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