Easily Adjustable Cinch-It Pet Collars

Cinch-It Dog Collars (Image courtesy Petnique Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you have trouble finding the perfect sized collar for your dog, large cat, wolf, hyena etc. the Cinch-It should put an end to your search. Instead of holes that are usually spaced about a half-inch apart, the Cinch-It uses a ratcheting system similar to a zip-tie. As a result it can be adjusted in 2mm increments making it pretty easy to find the perfect fit for your pet. It’s also easily removed with just the push of a button and is made from 100% non-toxic materials in case someone thinks it will make a better chew-toy.

It’s available from the Petnique website in large ($25) or medium ($22) sizes and comes in black, blue, orange, green or pink.

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