Easidream (Image courtesy Easidream)

Easidream Lulls Babies To Sleep With Womb-Like Motions And Sounds

Easidream (Image courtesy Easidream)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve yet to enjoy the ‘blessing’ of having a newborn infant in my household, but lack-of-rest assured, I will use every single electronic solution to my advantage when it comes to helping them sleep through the night. And I don’t care if this Easidream system is only available in the UK at the moment, I will re-wire my home to make it work.

The idea is pretty simple. The infant has just spent 9 months in the cozy confines of a womb, and suddenly they’re thrust into the real world. I’m pretty sure I’d spend all my time crying too. (Not just my usual 3 hours a day.) So the Easidream provides them with some of the comforts they’re accustomed to. First there’s a special mat connected to a control unit/air pump that sits under their mattress and recreates a gentle womb-like rocking motion with adjustable speeds and motions. It can even be controlled with timers so you can gradually ease off the thrill ride until your young’n is used to sleeping on a regular mattress.

The Easidream system also comes with Ewan, a plush sheep you hang on the crib which has a pink ambient glow and plays one of four womb-familiar sound effects like a mother’s beating heart. Both components are sold separately, and while Ewan is ~$50 (£30.63) the Easidream rocking mat is a touch more pricey at ~$412 (£255.31).

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