For That Perfect Fit: OwnPhones Personalized Earbuds


If you want a perfect fit, then your best bet would be to have whatever it is you want custom made. Whether it’s a suit, a pair of pants, or a pair of shoes, custom-made is the way to go if you have cash to spare. And with OwnPhones, you can now have a pair of personalized earbuds made so they’ll fit your ears’ every arch and curve.

OwnPhones will be launching a campaign on Kickstarter sometime this month to raise funds to finish development on their product. Users who want to have custom-made earbuds simply have to record a clip showing both of their ears using OwnPhone’s mobile app and wait for their personalized earbuds to arrive in the mail.


Aside from ensuring a perfect fit, OwnPhones will also come with some pretty smart features, one of which allows the user to customize what they hear: purely music or a combination of that and the sounds of the outside world. The expected retail price ranges from $299 to $449, but a OwnPhones will be offering an early bird discount of 50% when their Kickstarter campaign goes live, so stay tuned!