Earin Wireless Ear Buds Are Truly Wireless


Most wireless earphones aren’t completely wire free, since they usually have one to connect the left and right side. It’s not a huge deal, really, but if you can do without, then why not? The Earin Ear Buds you’re looking at are truly independent and have no wires of any kind. You just insert them in your ears and hope they’re comfortable enough to forget they’re there. They come in a cool carrying case that looks like it could go on a keychain, and perhaps more importantly for runners and active types, there’s a “concha lock” that secures itself towards the concha in your ear and prevents them from falling. They’re going for a $200 pledge on Kickstarter, which is a lot of money for something like this. But hey, if wires are really an issue for you, this is just about the only option like this that we’ve come across.

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