Ear Pressure Equalizer

Ear Pressure Equalizer (Images courtesy Pro-Idee)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m a rather easy-going and patient kind of guy, but if there’s one thing that can instantly drive me to Incredible Hulk-like levels of rage is when my ears don’t ‘pop’ after I’ve gotten off a plane. Normally the suggested yawning or swallowing is enough to solve the problem, but every once in a while there’s just nothing that works and I have no choice but to just wait it out and try and control the beast inside me. Until now that is.

This ear pressure equalizing device is basically nothing more than a small pump that creates a vacuum in the outer ear canal that gently pushes the eardrum back into its original position. You just stick the tube in your ear, push the yellow membrane and you’re done. Of course there’s always a safety concern with any device you’re supposed to stick in your ear canal, but the Ear Pressure Equalizer features a safety vent that prevents the build-up of too much pressure. And if you still don’t think it’s safe, keep in mind it was developed by Professor Burkhard Franz, founder of the renowned Tinnitus Research and Balance Clinic in Melbourne Australia. If you can’t trust a professor, who can you trust? The whole thing packs up into a package that’s smaller than most mobile phones and can be yours from Pro-Idee for an inexplicably expensive $60+.

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