E3 2009 – Batman: Arkham Asylum

By Chris Scott Barr

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen a Batman game come along that I really enjoyed. I’ve been keeping my eye on Batman: Arkham Asylum since it was announced, and today I finally got my hands on a demo while at the Eidos booth.

The game looks fantastic, as you’ve no doubt seen from the trailers that are out. Much like Batman, your time is almost equally split between sneaking up on your enemies and kicking ass. You have a full arsenal of gadgets there to help you accomplish both tasks in style. I particularly enjoyed the combat, especially when you had a group of enemies trying to come at you at once. The more hits you chain together, the more finishing moves you can pull off. It only takes a few minutes to get a feel for the combat, and then you’re taking guys out left and right.

If you’re like me and enjoy the non-stop action parts, you can actually enter the challenge mode, which has 4 waves of enemies, with each growing larger and more difficult. Combine the action, good controls, excellent visuals and Mark Hamill voicing the joker once again, and you’ve got yourself one awesome Batman game. It’ll definitely be worth checking out when it hits stores on August 25th.