E-V – Sunny Solar Powered Electric Bike

E-V Sunny Solar Electric Bicycle (Image courtesy Thera-P-Cushion Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

The E-V Sunny is supposedly the first all solar electric bike and it manages to harness enough of the sun’s rays by incorporating solar panels into the wheels. Well to be more specific the solar panels are more like hubcaps that cover the spokes but they apparently have enough surface area to maintain a constant charge to the batteries which in turn power a 500 watt motor on the front wheel.

The bike can reach a fairly impressive top speed of about 19 mph but the solar cells, battery and other electronics give it a combined weight of about 75 lbs which isn’t exactly light.

The E-V Sunny bike will also set you back about $1290 but there’s a slightly more affordable $795 kit for converting your existing bike. I also have to point out that the website is now taking orders “for delivery in September of 2006” so I’m curious if anyone knows someone who actually bought and received one?

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  1. Yeah, but you need a lot of surface to catch the rays. That's got to be the most sensible placement I've seen for collection surface on a bike. About the only problem I see is a high incident angle when the sun is at apex, so charging would be limited to early, and late, while riding perpendicular. Or, you could lay it down while you work, and charge up for the commute home! If you use in hub motor/controllers, then all you have to worry about is the power supply. Some companies make batteries for the frame triangle.

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