e-Revolution Motion Sensitive Speaker

e-Revolution Motion Speakers (Image courtesy AudioCubes)By Andrew Liszewski

While this seems more like a novelty than a useful innovation the e-Revolution speakers have no buttons and are instead controlled via a built-in motion sensor. However you don’t actually need to touch the speakers, the user simply needs to move their hand up or down in the vicinity of the device to adjust the volume or tune in a particular radio station.

Its ‘stylish’ design includes a 0.7W speaker on either side and an odd glowing orb in the middle that can be set to randomly change to 3 different colors to help soothe your surroundings. The e-Revolution can be powered via USB, an AC adapter or even batteries and will connect to any sound source with its stereo mini jack cable.

The e-Revolution is currently available from AudioCubes for $119 and comes in either black or white.

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