e-Revolution Healing Moon

e-Revolution Healing Moon (Image courtesy AudioCubes)
By Andrew Liszewski

Did I miss a memo or something? When did the moon become a mystical source of healing? First there’s this guy from yesterday who built a massive moonbeam catcher that might be able to cure cancer and now there’s this slightly more compact alternative designed to be installed in any home.

Now the e-Revolution Healing Moon doesn’t rely on actual moonbeams but instead uses good old fashioned LEDs to illuminate its half-moon shape. It simply mounts to any wall and when the room begins to get dark will automatically turn on providing a “calm and soft” background light says the website. What is the opposite of a calm light by the way? Am I to assume some misguided persons are lighting their homes with strobe lights or something? Anyways the Healing Moon also features 12 phases just like the real one and the user can adjust the lengths of the phase intervals as they see fit. However when it comes to the ‘healing’ part from what I can tell it’s only really designed to provide a relaxing environment which at the least might relieve your headache, but not much else.

The Healing Moon is available from AudioCubes for $99.

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