E-Paper Chameleon Carry Bag

By Bruce Eaton

As I sit here and write this post on my e-phone at an e-hotspot drinking an e-latt?, I realized how am I going to carry all this e-crap? Our good buddies at DUCK image have come up with a bag designed out of e-paper. With e-paper in the main body, this bag has the ability to change itself, via remote, into other colors and accent lines.

Although just concept at the moment, this item will open a whole new realm of nerdiness. For example:

Jim: “Dude, you gotta check this out, I h4xxorr3|) my bag.”
Billy: “WHOA!!! You totally ROXX()()rrZZZ.”

Well maybe not, but it is cool nevertheless.

[Chameleon Carry Bag] VIA [Yanko Design]