E-Base Charging Station – Useful In A Useless Way

E-Base Charging Station (Image courtesy A+R Store)By Andrew Liszewski

If anything I’ll give the designer of this thing an ‘A’ for effort. While it’s very convenient that most devices have built-in rechargeable batteries these days there is unfortunately the downside of having to organize and store a huge collection of charging cables. So instead of hiding them under the desk, behind the couch or snaking them under the carpets why not just give them a dedicated place to call home?

The E-Base Charging Station designed by Con & Con (hmmm…) functions as a stylish but central place to store all those adapters but can also be used as a place to charge your toys. Inside the charging station everything plugs into a hidden powerbar but the actual devices being charged sit out on display under a clear plastic lid. I guess this helps you keep an eye on their charging progress but also helps keep dust off everything which is nice.

Of course if you’re sitting on the fence as to whether or not this would make a useful addition to your home let me help you with that decision. The E-Base is currently available from the A+R Store for $180. (In Orange/Orange or Black/Grey color schemes.)

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